Posted: 19 February, 2016 by Zoe

Kendall Jenner Just Posted A Phone Screenshot But Didn’t Realise We’d See THIS!

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When Kendall uploaded a phone screenshot showing fans her new app… people were quick to notice something was not quite right!

Excited about her new game with sister Kylie hitting the top spot in the App Store, Kendall Jenner posted a screenshot of her achievements via social media. 

Instead, Twitter followers noticed something kind of awkward - Kendall doesn’t have TIDAL… 

As in the music streaming service that brother-in-law Kanye West pledges loyalty to and announced is the only way fans can buy his album: 

Has Kendall even listened to the album? If she has… she sure didn’t pay for it.  

We're sure Kanye has found out by now and wants a little chat. Yep Kendall, good luck with that. 



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