Posted: 12 February, 2016 by Dean McCarthy

Kendall Jenner’s Face Is Worth $10m

We’d Believe That

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It turns out Kendall Jenner’s flawless skin isn’t exactly priceless – it’s worth $10m!


A company called Cutera has apparently used Kendall’s image on their advertising, taking credit for her “nearly flawless skin.” As it turns out, Kendall never gave them permission to use her image so she’s suing them for $10m.

Why 10 million big ones? Well in case you hadn’t heard, Kendall is now a supermodel and as outlined in court documents Kendall’s career is going very, VERY well.

It reads, “she has graced the covers of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, including Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Vogue Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar (shot by Karl Lagerfeld), Allure, GQ, Glamour, Marie Claire, LOVE, Interview, Paper, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Garage, Dazed, Raine and BLANK, among others.”


In other words, Kendall is #KillingIt

Kendall’s lawyer says that the model would command 8 figures for an endorsement deal like this, so they are demanding $10m of company profits.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s image has been used without their permission and every time they sue for astronomical amounts of money.

As Scoopla reported, just recently Sofia Vergara’s image was used by Venus Concept to promote their products without her permission, so she sued them for $15m.

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