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Rebel Wilson Reveals Why She Lied About Her Age

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Last year rumours went flying that Aussie legend Rebel Wilson was lying about her age and name. But, what took us by surprise was that they were true! 

For as long as we've seen her on our screens, as far as we were aware, (and Wikipedia for that matter), the hilarious homegrown actress was 29 years old and her name was the very original Rebel Wilson. 

However, rumours started to circle after a former classmate spoke to Women's Day revealing that she was, in fact, a 36-year-old named Melanie Bownds. Although, the Bridesmaids star just responded to all the claims in true Rebel style and Tweeted: 

The situation seemed to take its course and die down but on the latest episode of Home Delivery, Rebel spoke of all the claims and denied that she had anything to hide. 

"If I was guilty of something which, I mean, I don’t really have any skeletons in my closet, which is why it’s quite hard for people to write bad stuff about me,” she said to Julia Zemiro.

“You know, I don’t have a drug addiction or secret child. But I think when I did go to America, I kind of just stopped saying my age.”

She went on to say that she was, quite simply, just being a lady and not revealing her age. 

“The reality is, when you work in America, you have to show your passport and your visa for every single job. So it’s not like you can hide how old you are. So for the press to do a story that I was deliberately, you know, lying or whatever... No, I was just being a lady and not telling my age when I moved to America. And that’s not really a crime. Also, most actresses do that.”

As for the matter of her name change, the actress explained that she enrolled under a different name as she didn't think her given name was appropriate for Tara Anglican School for Girls, one of the most prestigious schools in Sydney: 

“I went under one of my middle names, Melanie. And my father’s surname. And also, Rebel’s not for a Christian girls school, it’s not, like, the best name to have.”

Make sure you catch Rebel's most recent role in the hilarious movie How to be Single with Dakota Johnson this Valentines Day! 

How To Be Single - Official Trailer - Official Warner Bros. UK

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