Posted: 2 February, 2016 by Uce

Rihanna Wore A $1,000 Sweatsuit To A Party & Pulled It Off Without A Hitch

Because she's Rihanna.

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Okay, Rihanna, we get it - your fashion is off the charts and us average folk could never compare. You don't need to wear $1,000 in the form of a tracksuit... to a party in order to prove it. 

Badgirl RiRi is always making waves with her edgy fashion choices, whether it's an omelette-like train on her dress or a diamond-like sheet that barely covers her naughties, she manages to pull it off without a hitch. 

Now, she's stepped up her game... or perhaps taken a step down... as she wore a $1,000 green tracksuit to a party. 

While the majority of us would chuck on our nicest sweats for the shops, RiRi had no inhibitions about throwing hers on to wear to a Miguel-hosted party... but then again, ours are probably from the sale rack at Rebel sport, while hers is a genuine Vetements and costs $1,115. 

We rate this the #2 tracksuit of all time... it goes without saying, but Britney's will always be first. 


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