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Why Did Justin Bieber Dump His Most Loved Song From The Purpose Tour?

Goodbye to the OLLG tradition

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One of the most anticipated parts of any Justin Bieber concert has always been the moment when a fan was chosen to be serenaded with the song ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.

Becoming Justin’s OLLG was a dream for many of his Beliebers, with the lucky girl usually ending up crying or in total shock as Justin gave her flowers and sang to her in front of everyone.

But Justin surprised fans by not performing the song at the first date on his Purpose tour in Seattle this week.

His beliebers took to Twitter to mourn the end of an era.

But sources claim there might be a serious reason behind the decision to ditch the song. 

Don’t anticipate to hear ‘One Less Lonely Girl‘ on the ‘Purpose‘ tour because it holds bad vibes to Justin,” a source close to the Biebs told HollywoodLife.

That is the same song he changed the lyrics to when he went on his n-word rant years ago. He thought that his career was over when the tape was released, so anytime he can avoid performing it he will.

Do you think this is true? Or has Justin actually decided that it's time to move on and focus on performing the incredible songs from his latest album Purpose

Let’s remember some of the past OLLGs, and imagine what it could have been like to be that chosen girl.

One less lonely girl, he ALMOST kiss her.

I didn't film and I own nothing :)

Apollo Theater One less lonely girl and Pray Justin Bieber with Mrs. Bieber 6/18/12

AFTER U WATCH THIS VID GO & WATCH R VIDS FROM BELIEVE TOUR THANKS Justin bringing Mrs. Bieber as the one less lonely girl! She was so cute at 1:07 it stops shaking as much and Avalanna comes onto the stage at 2:20 No Copyright intended


Justin Bieber performing One Less Lonely Girl LIVE at the Summer Time Ball 2012. I was at this show, it was AMAZING NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FOR FANS.

Justin Bieber - Justin Meets Kate (VEVO Australia Doc)

Justin Meets Kate



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