Posted: 11 January, 2016 by Dean McCarthy

Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Get Naked On Magazine Cover

Just Another Day In The Life Of Gaga

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Lady Gaga and her hunky fiancé Taylor Kinney wear nothing but paint on the cover of V-Magazine! Check out the shoot here..


The paint isn’t just for show though. Gaga confessed that they covered their bodies in paint and had sex on top of a canvas. As you do!?


Gaga guest edited the issue and said that the kinky idea was Taylor's!

“Since we first met, Taylor’s been drawing and painting all over me,” she said in her editor’s letter. “Years ago, when we were secretly living in San Diego and crashing on the floor of a beach shack, we never wore shoes. He told me he wanted to make love to me on a canvas.”

“We made love on the canvas on a Sunday in Chicago,” she continues. “We made love amidst chaos. We talked about shootings. We made love amidst terrorism. And we talked about how people’s hearts are also suffering all over the world as they watch and witness a swell of violence. We made love amidst violence.”


“During tumultuous times, we hope everyone in the world will see this and be reminded to love each other wildly, generously, totally, colorfully, without fear and with compassionate hearts,” Gaga explains. “We made a galaxy of endless colors with only brief, black holes of emptiness that are then filled by each other.”


The steamy cover isn’t the only one that will hit newsstands though. There are 16 unique covers and all sales of the $50 V issue will go towards Gaga’s Born This Way foundation, helping fund  “cutting-edge, social-emotional intelligence research.”

Readers can purchase a copy now exclusively at

Tags: Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney, V Magazine, Shazam Top 20

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