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Meet Australia's Newest Bachelor

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Forget Blake, this guy is the hottest bachelor on the block right now.

28-year-old Thien Nguyen has been named as Cleo Magazine's Bachelor of the Year for 2014.

"I’m just getting everyone to poke me," he told AAP after winning the title last night.

"I feel like I’m in dreamland."

Nguyen won the prize after beating out 29 other bachelors, and was decided by over 300,000 readers of the magazine.

"I’m just a regular guy that goes to Cabramatta, eats pho, Vietnamese egg noodle soup," he also said.

"I’m really just a simple guy that likes to have his food and likes to lift a few weights here and there and just likes to help people as much as I can."

Nguyen wants to use his position to become a role model to youths who have lost their way.

Runners up for the title were Lucas Handley (first runner up) and Dan Churchill (second runner up).

First runner up! Lucas!
Aaand the second runner up for CLEO Bachelor of the year goes to... @dan_churchill #hottie

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Tags: Thien Nguyen, Cleo Bachelor Of The Year

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