Posted: 24 November, 2014 by Dan Hill

Inside Hollywood’s Biggest Parties

Confessions Of An A-List Party Planner

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Months of planning, thousands of man-hours, huge budgets and ridiculous celebrity demands, they are the biggest celebrity parties tinsel town has to offer.

Cheryl Ceccehtto is the biggest party planner in the business, and has the amazing job of putting together celebrations for the Oscars and the Emmy’s, to high profile birthday parties and wedding receptions. And now she is here in Australia to promote her new book - which describes the logistics involved to throw these huge events.

“It’s like pulling together a major production with talent, catering, lighting, sound, the whole lot. But it’s the world of celebrity so if it doesn’t all come together, people notice.”

And not everything always goes to plan -

“One year at the Academy Awards Governors’ Ball, I’d hidden a sixpack of my client’s favourite beer under his table, wrapped in some linen and the bomb squad found it and panicked. I was interrogated for 45 minutes trying to reassure them it was just beer.”

But what about some crazy celebrity demands? Surely putting on million dollar parties warrants some diva behaviour -

At the 2009 G’day USA event, Hugh Jackman was booked to perform Peter Allen’s ‘I Still Call Australia Home,’ complete with the Australian Girls Choir. Cecchetto said that at the very last minute, Hugh pulled out, because the song wasn’t in his key. In a moment of brilliance, she created a distraction for his manager, and pushed Hugh onto the stage, where he belted out the tune - complete with a standing ovation from the crowd.

She’s done over 20 Oscars Balls, a dozen Emmy Awards parties, a Springsteen wedding, functions for the cast of Friends, it was a chance encounter 25 years ago, that kick started her career -

“None of this was intentional but I’m really thrilled with where it all ended up.’

Tags: Scoopla, Stars, Hollywood

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