Posted: 10 December, 2014 by Scoopla Team

Victoria’s Secret Angels Reveal Secrets!

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Have you ever wondered what secrets the Victoria’s Secret angels are actually keeping? Well Adriana Lima has revealed what goes down behind the scenes!

During fittings, the angels fight over who gets the biggest wings!

The angels are SO FIT they could take on a sports athlete in a workout.

They order pizza and cupcakes backstage before hitting the runway.

They tape two identical fashion shows and they’re edited together from different angles.

All the girls call Taylor Swift an ‘honorary angel’ - naww isn’t that nice!

They love Tay Tay so much, that they even performed a lip sync of the pop stars hit 'Shake It Off.'

Victoria's Secret Angels Lip Sync "Shake It Off"



Tags: Scoopla, Style, Victoria Secret

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