Posted: 11 September, 2014 by Ella Damiani

Friends: The Ultimate Style Guide

We step back in time & take a look at the fashions from the show that has captured our hearts for over 20 years.

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Friends began in 1994 and lived on our television screens for 10 years. Yes, it was that long ago. We can't believe it either!

It’s now been a decade since this iconic show finished up and we can’t help but still obsess over the funny one-liners and iconic wardrobes of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey.

The infamous American sitcom remains to be one of the most treasured series of all time. And is it any wonder when the show revolved around six friends living in New York City who had endless love triangles, awkward moments and funny rendezvous.

And who could forget the fabulous Friends fashion? Not us!

It was an era of teeny tiny sweaters, high waisted denim jeans, sleeveless vests, roll-necks, floral and those matching suits they all used to wear.

Take a look at the fashion trends from Friends that can still work for you today!

Prints will always be in. Try it in the form of a printed cami, skirt or pant.

Overalls have made a comeback recently and we think this could be the reason? We love you Phoebe!

A classic white shirt is the perfect addition to any outfit. Try it with a leather skirt and blazer or a tailored pair of pants and heels.

Hair accessories. They can make or break your outfit. Try it, but use caution.

The graphic t-shirt is BIG right now. Why? Because they’re oh-so-cool. Try it with ripped boyfriend jeans, a dressy pantsuit or a skirt and a pair of converse.

Layering. Always a fab trend to try. Maybe not this many layers though?

Rachel rocks this matching suit. We love this trend for work or even a night out!

These 90s style high wasted jeans have made the ultimate comeback this year. Perfect for a festival or a weekend coffee date.

The midriff baring crop top is possibly one of the biggest trends of the last two years. Well, Rachel did it years ago. We love you Rachel!

Tags: Friends, Tv Show, Fashion, Iconic

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