Posted: 3 September, 2014 by Web Guy Oscar

Rihanna Spends 10K On A Manicure

Rihanna nails it! But was it worth it?

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Rihanna has paid over $10,000 for a manicure! Yep, that’s right! How did she blow that much cash on her nails?

Ladies, we all love a manicure and sometimes we might even splurge on a ‘luxury’ experience… and just maybe we’d spend MAX $100?

Well, if you’re Rihanna splurging means SPLURGING! She’s spent $10,000 on a nail technician!

RiRi is holidaying in the Mediterranean, and decided to fly out an A-list nail artist to do her nails and even put her up in luxury accommodation and paid for her first class flights!

Apparently Rihanna is really fussy when it comes to her nails.  YES, we know that now, don’t we?!

Check the photos Rihanna posted on her instagram.  Some fans are saying that they aren't her nails, however it's no secret that she loves to get her nails done...

And these pics do look very ritzy!

We love this Jewelry! Follow: @djulajewelry and @djula_paris
We love this Jewelry! Follow: @djulajewelry and @djula_paris Follow Scoopla's board Rihanna's Manicures on Pinterest.

Tags: Rihanna, Manicure, 10K Manicure

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