Posted: 9 January, 2015 by Justin Hill

Back to the Future sneakers to be released in 2015

Nike creator CONFIRMS the news!

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Ok, so this is exciting news.

Screw the Hoverboard - apparently we're getting the self lacing Nike shoes from Back to the Future II THIS YEAR MO FOs!


Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has announced that the company is planning to release the Nike Air MAG shoes, worn by all round cool dude Marty McFly by the end of this year.

Nike lodged a patent for the design of the shoe in July 2014, which would lace themselves up by either a button or by a weight change when you put your foot in the boot (check out the video below)...

Nike actually released 1,500 pairs of the awesome shoes (without the self-lacing technology) in 2011 and auctioned the designs on eBay, raising over $4.7 million Parkinson's charity established by Michael J Fox, who of course played Marty McFly and who also suffers from Parkinson's.

Now all we need is the Hoverboard - PLEASE UNIVERSE TAKE OUR MONEY AND GIVE IT TO US. K. THX. BYE.

Nike Air Mag POWER LACING Shoes to Debut in 2015! Marty McFly's Power-lacing Nike shoes

Tags: nike, back to the future, marty mcfly, tech, shoes

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