Posted: 25 January, 2015 by Rhiannon

Nanna-blanket Shorts are the Hot New Trend for Men!

Behold, and adore them.

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This is not a drill, and it’s not a joke either. One, um, 'innovative' Etsy seller has created a line of 100% recycled shorts for men, made out of old nanna-rugs, afghan blankets and even that crocheted bunny rug your aunt made you. Nothing is safe.

The seller, Lord von Schmitt, describes the dacks as being "Great for the Playa, Northern Soul nights, Disco parties, or just wearing every day!"


Answer the call of the wild, in your grandma's linen (

Oooh, a cheeky bit of midriff. (

Let it gooooo, let it gooooo! (

They cost around 60 dollars a pair and are available now, should you choose. Wait. If a blanket with sleeves is called a 'Slanket,' are these blanket-shorts meant to be called 'blorts'?

Tags: Crochet, Shorts, Nanna Blanket, Blanket Shorts

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