Posted: 2 November, 2015 by Uce

Here’s How You Can Get Perfect Brows For Just $3!

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There's no doubt that we live in the era of brows! So, getting your eyebrows on point is kind of a big deal. Here's how to get them perfect each and every time, for cheap! 

Eyebrows shape your entire face and have the ability to take you from a seven to a hard 10! But it's no secret that making them perfect can be super tricky. Usually, you can make them obvious sisters, but to make them twins requires certain skills that us regular folk just don't have! 

Until now... 

Alright, we know this isn't the first time you've seen eyebrow stencils... but, e.l.f. cosmeticsstencils are only $3! 

If you're a little confused on how to use eyebrow stencils, beauty YouTuber Taylor Kimler has it down to an art. So, just watch her! 

HOW TO: Fill in your eyebrows with a stencil

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