Posted: 13 March, 2015

This Online Shopping Fail Will Make You LOL & Cry At the Same Time

Online shopping isn't ALWAYS a total bargain!

We love online shopping for snapping up celeb-worthy styles at a great price. But uh - we also hate it. 

A woman in China recently ordered this slinky dress online from Taobao, a Chinese website similar to Amazon.

The slinky sexy number was very similar to a dress warn by actress Jaimie Alexander to the Thor premiere in 2013:

With sexy sheer panels and a clingy black silhouette, the long sleeves and length keep it classy. Right?

It's simply stunning:

Well, not so much on a person with a normal body.

A woman who bought the sexy number has posted images of the dress on the seller's profile... but it shows something slightly different to the sleek, smooth, heavily photo-shopped pics online.

I guess that makes you feel better about the time you bought those (absolute BARGAIN) jeans online that didn’t quite button up. 


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