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Celebrity Nail Artist Leah Light Tells Us About Her Clients!

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift & Rita Ora have all had their nails done by Leah.

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Leah Light is a celebrity nail artist that has worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Rita Ora. When she stopped by we had a chat about what it was like working with them.

When working with Taylor Swift, Leah had to create a custom baby blue colour. “I’ve become pretty handy and mixing up a colour on the spot.” 

Leah revealed that Taylor was very friendly, and they spoke about all kinds of things while in the hotel room. “It was just her and I. I did her feet and her fingers so we kinda had a couple of hours.”

Katy Perry on the other hand, was totally different… she was much more business-orientated.  

"With Katy Perry we started at the hotels so I was working with all her backup singers and dancers. Then they took us from the hotel to the venue, and I had my 9-year-old daughter with me. We ended up in her dressing room for a few hours because we were kind of working in between other stuff.” 

Throwback to when @katyperry was here in #NewZealand last ... She's going to be here again soon !! 👌👏👏 💅 #cantwait 😍 are you going to the concert ?! #nailsbyleah #katyperrynails #lovemyjob #funtimes #leahlightnailsandbeauty #leahlight

When it comes to home use, Leah says having a good base for your nails is the most important… which makes perfect sense, as she is the face of Scholl's new Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System.

“It’s amazing actually. It’s got three different heads and you use them in a system to be able to get the natural nail to a really beautiful natural high shine. So if you are interested in having the naked manicure look you can have a beautiful shiny gorgeous nail to work from. It’s exciting in the fact that people can create that kind of look at home nice and easily.”

Check out the video below of Leah’s Miley Cyrus inspired nail art!

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