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Shocking 90s Fashion Trends That Have Come Back To Haunt Us

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What goes around, comes around.

Fashion is cyclical. Trends always come back. But it seems way too soon for these 90s trends to be making a return.

These are some of the 90s trends that we never thought would make an appearance again. And yet here they are. Back. For good? 

Mom Jeans

After years and years of tight skinny jeans, big baggy jeans have made a huge comeback. While it seems that most ladies are still sticking to their straight legs for day to day wear, it’s no longer uncommon to see 90210 style Mom Jeans on the streets.

Stretchy Choker Necklaces

In the late 90s it was super cool to wear stretchy choker necklaces that kind of looked like tattoos. Well we never expected that the exact same necklaces would be back! They are completely identical, which makes us wonder if someone somewhere was holding onto their stock of chokers for a 2015 comeback.


Midriff Tops

In the 90s it was a sin to cover your stomach. There was no occasion where a crop top wasn’t appropriate. And now once again we are baring our stomachs and showing off our bellybuttons. This trend is not going anywhere for summer 15/16.



If you wanted to feel comfortable all day long in 1996 then you could easily get away with wearing your denim overalls. In the past few years we’ve seen a resurgence in overalls, particularly for music festivals.


Brown Lips

The most beautiful lipstick shade in the 90s was brown. It was even better if you used a slightly mismatched liner on the edges. Thanks to Kylie Jenner brown lips are BACK and we are all trying to make them as matte as possible. The key is to fill in your lips completely with lip liner and skip the lipstick.



The early 90s grunge scene was the home of plaid and flannel shirts. The dirtier and worn out, the better. These days young starlets and girls on the street love to wrap a flannel shirt around their waists or rock a plaid headband.


Doc Martens

Nothing showed you were cool like Doc Martens in 1995. You could wear them with absolutely anything – jeans, overalls, skirts. And if you’re Miley Cyrus in 2013, you can wear them on a wrecking ball. They’re back to staple status.


Have you embraced any of these trends? 

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