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Is This Kylie Jenner’s Most Risqué Outfit Yet?

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Kylie Jenner is constantly turning heads everywhere she goes with her racy fashion choices, but one of her outfits at New York Fashion week may have taken the cake.

New York Fashion Week has just kicked off and style-Queen Kylie has hit the ground running with her choice of outfits. 

At Tyga's surprise concert last night, Kylie knocked them dead in a navy sheer lace jumpsuit, with matching shaggy coat and the same heels that Taylor Swift wore to the 2015 MTV Music Awards. 

So yeah, she killed it. 


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The 18-year-old is undoubtedly learning to match sexiness with elegance while still managing to make a statement. 

However, with saying this, the outfit choice has definitely been one of the most revealing she's had yet, sporting a full sheer behind. 


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The reality and Instagram star took to her rightful place in the front row to watch her on/off boyfriend's performance during the show. 

Starbucks tho

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If there's one thing for certain, though, it's that we can't wait to see what she'll be wearing at the next NYFW event! 

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