Posted: 23 October, 2014 by Web Guy Brett

Aussie Illegal Downloaders' Details Could Be Revealed

Tags: Dallas Buyers Club, iiNet, Illegal Download

Aussies who downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club could have their personal information revealed in a new law suit against ISP iiNet.

The rights owner of the Oscar-winning film have taken internet service producer iiNet to the Federal Court, alongside Dodo, Internode, Adam Internet and Amnet Broadband to enact a process of "preliminary discovery", which will reveal the personal details of people thought to have infringed the company's copyright.

iiNet will oppose the law suit, saying it's an "important test case" for how Australia deals with copyright infringement, and if successful will open the flood gate for other companies to obtain personal information of internet users.

If won, Dallas Buyers Club LLC would begin "speculative invoicing" which intimidates individuals into paying a large amount of money for alleged their infringement of copyright.  People in the US have already been threatened with bills of up to US$7,000.

"We believe in treating people fairly and we certainly don't monitor your activities," iiNet said in a blog post on their site.

"iiNet would never disclose customer details to a third party, such a movie studio, unless ordered to do so by a court.  We take seriously both our customers' privacy and our legal obligations."

A hearing is set for court on November 4th.

Tags: Dallas Buyers Club, iiNet, Illegal Download

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