Posted: 8 October, 2014 by Dan Hill

Instagram To Get Ads

The World’s Best Photo Sharing App Just Got Annoying.

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Look out everyone, Instagram just got Instannoying with news that we will start seeing  ads pop up in your photo streams from Wednesday.

Disguised as regular posts, the new ads will be marked “sponsored” - a little like how ads look on Facebook.

Australia is the third country to get Instagram ads, following  the UK last month and the US a year ago.

Ten brands are on board for the launch: Tourism Queensland,  Vegemite, Ben & Jerry's, Toyota, Flight Centre, Audi, Lenovo,  McDonalds and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

"Our aim is to help brands create beautiful ads that feel as  natural to Instagram as the photos and videos people already  share," said marketing chief Amy Cole.
If users see an ad they don't like, they'll be able to hide it from their feed and give feedback.

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