Posted: 6 October, 2014 by Dan Hill

New iPads Coming October 16th

Plus An Update To The iMac

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You’ve had your shiny new iPhone for a couple of weeks, and now you need a shiny new iPad to match.

You’re in luck, as Apple is expected to unveil the latest iPad on October 16. Along with an update to the traditional sizes, rumour websites are tipping that Apple will announce an iPad Plus. The new high end tablet will be available in a larger size with a 12.9 inch display - which will support 4K video.

The announcement is set to take place at Apple's Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino, California, and along with the new iPads, we’re expecting to see new iMacs!

The new models are going to look very similar to the current design, but with upgraded internal components and a 4K compatible retina display.

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Tags: Scoopla, Tech, Apple, iPad

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