Posted: 10 October, 2014 by Blake

The Average Person Picks Up Their Phone 1,500 Times a Day!

That’s about three times every two minutes!

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A new study published in the Dailymail found the average person picks up their phone 1,500 times a DAY! That does seem like wayyyy too much, but when you break it down, I can see that I am probably guilty myself some days.

Assuming you're awake for 17 hours, that’s about three times every two minutes! Which isn't that unrealistic, how many times have you checked the clock on the screen to see just 1 minute pass?

The study also revealed that we use our phones for over 22.5 hours a week, that's pretty much a whole day refreshing your newsfeed and double tapping babies on insta.

Anyway, stop reading this and GET OFF YOUR PHONE! ;)

Tags: phone, iPhone, Study

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