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US Man Is Trading His House For An iPhone 6!

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Buying a house is extremely expensive these days and almost impossible for some… but not if you have the new iPhone 6.

A Detroit homeowner was so frustrated with being unable to sell his home, despite repeatedly dropping the price, that he is now willing to trade it in for iPhone 6.   

“It’s a real listing,” said Larry Else, the real estate broker representing the man.

“My client is overseas and he told me he would be willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6. It sounds to me like he wants the [iPhone 6+] version, but I think he’s willing to negotiate.”

According to the listing on Zillow, a US real estate website, the homeowner would also consider a 32 gigabyte iPad, or he would likely be happy to sell for $3,000.

It turns out though, the owner actually owes $6,160 in property taxes and the house needs major renovations.

The broker explained that his client lives in Austria and bought the house as an investment property in 2010 for $41,000 but abandoned it after discovering it was in really bad condition.

“The seller was a victim himself,” Else said.

Since Monday, the broker has received three offers: one for an iPhone 5, one for $700, and one for $850. But unsurprisingly, he’s not expecting to make any commission on the property.

Any takers?


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