Posted: 26 November, 2014 by Blake

How your mobile phone could be recharged in 60 seconds

This will totes be a life changer!

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OMG! The days of plugging in for an hour are almost gone, it looks like by 2016 you could be just 60 seconds away from all that stalking you need to get done on Facebook!

Some genius company called "StoreDot" have done some uber smart things with "Nanodot" technology..

"StoreDot is a nanotechnology company with a ground-breaking technology, based on its discovery of new generation, self-assemblednanodots of biological origin."

We have no idea what any of this Nanodot business is about, but what we do have an idea about is HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME it will be when topping up your battery is quicker than making a nutri-bullet smoothie. 

If any of the geeks out there want any more info on how the heck it works, here's a snazzy video from Storedot:

StoreDot CES 2015

Tags: phone, iPhone, battery

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