Posted: 7 November, 2014 by Dan Hill

Why Taylor Swift Quit Spotify!

The Real Reason Why Swifty Pulled Her Music.

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The world had a heart attack when Taylor Swift pulled ALL of her music from music streaming site - Spotify.

She left because Spotify criticised her for not making her chart topping album ‘1989’ available to stream.

It makes you wonder though, how essential is Spotify to the success of artists. Surely throwing it away is an indication that it’s not a massive financial risk.

So how much do artists get paid for each stream on Spotify? A spokesman for the company said -

“Between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream. 70% of the company's revenue paid out goes to rights holders who then pay out to artists based on individual deals."

Which means if Taylor was on the top tier, she’d be getting paid $84,000 per 10 million streams, and in the grand scheme of things doesn’t seem like much at all after all the other people involved get paid too.

Of course, we don’t know the full details of her deal with Spotify, and what cut record companies take, but we do know that when people buy a song or an album, the artist makes more than if it’s streamed. Which is the fairer choice for artists?

Tags: Scoopla, Tech, Spotify, Taylor Swift

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