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What Australia Googled In 2014

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In 2014, Aussies searched trillions of times and the top searches are funny, sad and in some cases, a little weird.

Here are this year’s top Google trends in Australia…

Top Searches Overall

WORLD CHAMPIONS for the 4th time. 1954. 1974. 1990. 2014. #Germany #worldcup #wm2014 #copa2014 #brasil2014 #wirfuervier #aneurerseite #SuperDeutschland

Top Aussies Searched

Top Digital/Internet Lingo Searches

Top Global People Searched

Top News Items Searched

Top Recipes Searched

Top "How To..." Searches

Top "What Is...?" Searches

Top "Where Is...?" Searches

9 дней Паралимпийских Игр: 547 спортсменов-паралимпийцев, 45 стран (наш рекорд), 72 комплекта медалей в 5 паралимпийских видах спорта. Мы все вместе сделали это возможным! #сочи2014 #паралимпиада / Over nine days of competition at these Paralympic Games, 547 Paralympic athletes from 45 countries took part, competing for 72 sets of medals in five Paralympic sports. #sochi2014 #paralympics

Top "Who Is...?" Searches

So what do these searches say about us?

Google - Year in Search 2014

Source: Google

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