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Apple Will Replace A Bent iPhone 6 Plus, On One Condition

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Apple has finally responded to the "bend-gate" controversy surrounding it's brand-new iPhone 6 Plus.

Earlier in the week, hundreds of users took to social media and the Apple forums to complain that their iPhone 6 had bent after the device was placed in their pockets.

While the design flaw seems limited to the larger iPhone 6 Plus, with the large screen and thin aluminium frame being singled out to blame.

A representative from Apple has now revealed to The Next Web that phones that are bent will be replaced providing they pass a "Visual Mechanical Inpection" by Apple employees at the Genius Bar.

"There is a test called a Visual Mechanical Inspection that the device will have to pass.  If it is within the guidelines, they will be able to cover it.  If not, the replacement would be a paid one," the Apple representative said.

Apple is also said to be "looking into this with an insane amount of detail," but so far only 9 phones have been flagged with the company with the problem.

Why so fragile, yet so expensive?

The tech giant has been accused of being "cheap" with the new version of the iPhone, which gives Apple an estimated profit of 74.1 per cent on the $869 on the 16GB iPhone 6.

This is now being compared to the much touted "OnePlus One" Android phone that is made from a more expensive material, Magnesium, and is almost four times less expensive.

Bend tests have also been carried out on Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, which didn't appear to have the same flaws as the new iPhone 6.  A newer version, The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is being released in a couple of weeks.

Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up)

How do I get my bent iPhone fixed or replaced?

Apple says to take your phone to an Apple Store where an employee at the Genius Bar will do a 'Visual Mechanical Inspection' on the device.

It is then 100 per cent up to them if the iPhone will be replaced or not.

Phones that have been intentionally bent will not be covered by a replacement.

Just make sure you make an appointment to see the guys first, else you'll be in for a long wait.

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