Posted: 30 September, 2014 by Web Guy Josh

Facebook’s Shocking New Way To Invade Your Privacy

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We all know that Facebook is collecting all sorts of information about us but it’s just about to get worse…

Facebook already knows how you behave on their site but they’re starting to learn much more about how you behave when you’re not on Facebook

Just yesterday, they announced a new advertising platform called Atlas, which will allow advertisers to benefit from Facebook’s data about you to target you on non-Facebook sites and apps.

And here’s the kicker: even if you’re not logged into Facebook AND have cookies turned off, advertisers will still be able to access this information.

Basically, using Facebook on your phone links your phone’s unique ID number to your Facebook account. So even if you use another app or browser on the same device, Facebook still knows it’s you - Atlas will now be able to use that information to help advertisers reach you. And it works the same on desktop computers. 

What’s scary though is the more you visit the sites that use Atlas to serve ads, the more information Facebook will have to add to their ever-increasing database on you.

So there you go… Facebook is officially stalking us!


Tags: Scoopla, Tech, Facebook, Privacy, Atlas

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