Posted: 6 January, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

The Weirdest Things Ever Found On Google Streetview

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Google's Streetview is an amazing tool where you can check out virtually anywhere in the world.   But sometimes Google captures something unexplainable, hilarious or just plain weird.

Here's some of the best (and weirdest) pics we've spotted on Google.

1. Perfect timing

2. Just riding with my pet monkey

3. The warm welcome

4. Coming in for landing

5. Just a Sunday BBQ... gone wrong

6. Bear vs Man

7. The cast of Wayne's World?

8. Imagine the hangovers in this house

9. Butterfly in flight

10. Anyone missing an inmate?

11. Lasered love?


13. It's a boy!

14. Bang bang!

15. The wild west... whaaaa?

16. Found him!

17. The back-alley quicky

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