Posted: 14 January, 2015 by Web Guy Josh

Why Your Old Facebook Photos Are Coming Back To Haunt You

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Last year we had Neknominate, the Ice Bucket Challenge and No Makeup Selfies but there’s a new (and potentially awkward) viral movement that’s about to take over your Facebook feeds.

The “First Profile Picture Challenge” has already begun to take off and here’s how it works: find your first ever Facebook profile picture, share it and then nominate three friends.

Now that might not sound like much of a challenge but given that Facebook turns 11 on February 4, you’ll quickly make the horrifying discovery that your first profile picture is more cringeworthy than Kim Kardashian’s nude magazine shoot!

And so far it looks like there’s no charity attached or any real reason behind the new viral trend, other than for pure embarrassment nostalgia.

So for those of you who were smart enough to delete every unflattering photo of yourself in existence, well done. To everyone else… get sharing.

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