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People Can’t Deal With This New iPhone Feature After Updating

We kind of get it but then again

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After updating their iPhones to the latest version of iOS, a number of users aren’t happy with a certain feature that’s been added to the messaging app.

 An update to the keyboard has seen the use of a single ‘x’ automatically capitalise itself to ‘X’.

The problem, obviously an ‘x’ is commonly used to send a bit of love and iPhone users are quite concerned that the difference between a lowercase and uppercase ‘x’ changes the intention of the kiss to something that the internet just isn’t dealing with.

What’s wrong with being too keen?

Eleanor Porges on Twitter

This is understandable… Nothing worse than a shouty message:

Tori Allen-Martin on Twitter

Watch out Apple!

Freddy Cousin-Brown on Twitter

Ok so we feel what these people are saying but it’s time to smile - how can you not with all the new emojis that came with the update!

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