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Revealed: This Is How Facebook Determines Your Top Friends!

There's actually a lot to it!

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Have you ever thought about how Facebook knew to select those certain mates for the top of your 'Friends' list on your profile? With some serious FB creeping that may surprise you!

Surely by now you'd know that if there's one thing the people behind Facebook know what to do... it's stalk! 

So, how do they know to place those top nine of your mates in those spots in your 'Friends' tab? 

You might find it surprising to know that it's not just as simple as who you interact with the most on the site, but there's an actual legitimate algorithm that goes on behind the scenes to specifically place those people there. 

There are actually 12 factors that determine those top nine friends:

  • Your interaction with them on Facebook 
  • Profile views
  • Tagged photos 
  • Wall posts (but who actually does that anymore?)
  • Likes 
  • Comments 
  • Viewed photos
  • Private messaged (YES, PRIVATE!)
  • Mutual interactions 
  • Friends who are currently online
  • Friends you've added to the 'close friends' group
  • Most talked in group chats

Yep, there's quite a bit that goes into allocating those spots! 

Basically, this is a green flag for you to stalk your crush tonight... because unless you're doing all those things (more than their close friends) you're probably safe! 

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