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iPhones Correcting Lardass To Kardashian May Be One Of The Best Things About 2015

Why is this happening?

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Your iPhone is throwing some super weird shade at the Kardashians.

Because people are starting to notice that when they write “Lardass” in a text message, Facebook update or tweet, their iPhone autocorrects it to Kardashian.

It’s been widely reported on websites like Perez Hilton, the Daily Mail and TMZ, and nobody knows the origins of why this is happening.

We thought this might be a prank… so we tested it on our own iPhones. AND IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!


Apple you’ve got some explaining to do!

Obviously working for Scoopla we all discuss the Kardashians non-stop. Please try this on your phone and let us know if it happens to you. Especially if you never text or tweet about the Kardashians.

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