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Will Urine-Filled Socks Be The End Of Your Phone Battery Problems?

You heard me...

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Maybe we've been pushing too hard for a simple solution to our phone battery woes because some genius has come up with an incredibly bizarre answer. 

Researchers from Bristol BioEnergy Centre have been working on a way to keep your phone charged, however, we can't help but think it's not going to be too popular. 

Urine socks. 


The technology absorbs miniaturised microbial fuel cells (MFC) into the socks, converting organic matter into electricity. 

Basically, if you were hooked up to this doodad, your urine would be pumped through the MFC when you walk. 

So far, the technology has failed to meet requirments for practical commerical use. 

Although, not going to lie, we're kind of relieved that there won't be anyone walking around with mini urine socks strapped to their ankles just yet. 

Professor Ioannis Ieropoulos, one of the men leading the research said: 

"This work opens up possibilities of using waste for powering portable and wearable electronics. 

For example, recent research shows it should be possible to develop a system based on wearable MFC technology to transmit a person's coordinates in an emergency situation. 

At the same time this would indicate proof of life since the device will only work if the operator's urine fuels the MFCs." 

Would you guys give urine-sock charging a go? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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