Posted: 7 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Leaks; Includes iPhone Camera Bulge

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It's so hard to keep a new product under wraps with social media, and how easy it is for things to spread.

Now Samsung are the latest victims of a leak, and this time it's for their upcoming Galaxy S6 mobile phone that is set to be announced at a March 1st event in Barcelona.

The above image was obtained by CNET Korea, and shows off what appears to be multiple versions of the Galaxy S6 including one that features a curved screen like on the Galaxy Note Edge.

Other details from the image show a camera that sticks out from the back of the device, much like on the latest Apple iPhone.  It's also rumoured to be available in four colours from launch and finished with an all-metal body to add to the premium feel of the phone.

The curved "Galaxy S6 Edge" will also have a curved display on both edges of the screen which can be used for notifications, quick launching of apps without leaving the main screen and on-screen power and volume buttons.

The Galaxy S6 is also set to be thinner than the iPhone.

Samsung is set to hold their 'Samsung Unpacked' event in Barcelona on March 1st to officially announce their latest flagship phone.

But will it outshine Apple's latest offering?  Have your say on our Facebook page.

Tags: Samsung, iPhone, Galaxy S6, Galaxy

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