Posted: 5 February, 2015 by Web Guy Josh

Teacher Proves Just How Private Snapchat REALLY Is

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Sammy Roocroft has given her students an extraordinary lesson in online privacy after a picture she posted went viral around the world.

With internet safety week coming up, the UK primary school teacher decided to get her class to take the below Snapchat photo of her, which she then took a screenshot of and posted on Facebook, encouraging people to share it

“Please make sure you are clicking on the original picture and say where you are,” she wrote on the post.

“This highlights how easily someone can take your pictures and spread them if it gets into the wrong hands.”

It has since had over 21,000 likes and over 27,000 shares! But perhaps the most interesting (and disturbing!) thing is when you see how far the photo has reached!

People have commented from every part of Australia, from Longford, Tasmania to Pinjarra, WA and every other corner of the globe from the Philippines to Kenya and from Trinidad and Tobago to Poland.

So there you have it have it kids, be careful what you Snapchat!

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