Posted: 7 February, 2015 by Rhiannon

Using emoticons? Great news! You have more sex than average!

Tags: Emoticons, Texting, Emoticons sex

Have your friends teased you for communicating your feelings and the day’s events with that little dragon’s head or the sassy little snail? Well now you have one up on them.

A new study commissioned by a dating website (but conducting by a uni) has discovered that people who use the wacky little pics to communicate have, on average, 20% more than people who don’t.

Think that the data is skewed because only young people like smiley faces, sassy girl and that little poop with the eyes? Nah, turned out that the stat applies to people in their 20s, 30s and 40s!

So, now, what we already knew has been confirmed: people who use a lot of emoticons are sexy and awesome, and stop calling me immature YOU’RE immature.

Tags: Emoticons, Texting, Emoticons sex

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