Posted: 10 March, 2015 by Brittany Hughes

Everything You Need To Know About The New Apple Watch

Including what DAY you will be able to get it!

Apple’s next big event launched early this morning, usually the public knows exactly what to expect from the tech giant, but this time it was over to them. 

When Apple actually announced the watch in September last year, it was pretty scant on details.

The event was held at San Francisco’s Yerba Bueba Centre for the Arts, where Apple shared more details about its latest products and apps.

CEO Tim Cook has described the gadget as the “most personal” device they’ve created, as well as the “most advanced” timepiece.

He then introduced a slogan that would also work for an Aliens sequel: “it’s not just with you, it’s on you.”

A feature of the Apple Watch is that it can be customised. Among its features is the ability to read and respond to messages, calls, view notifications, use Apple Pay and control music.

The watch will feature a range of third-party apps including Uber and Shazam.

It is marketed as a device that can appeal to a range of people, including fitness junkies and collectors of luxury watches.

The battery charge lasts about 18 hours, a huge leap in the battery life of other Apple products, but it isn’t all hunky dory, Apple has limited its functions finding a convenient niche among owners of big-screened smartphones.

It requires a newer iPhone for the watch to fully operate, partly because the iPhone will hold the third-party apps that run on the device.

So how much does this super-fancy device cost?

Apple Watch is available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport, priced at recommended retail price AUD$499 inc. GST and RRP AUD$579 inc. GST; Apple Watch, available from recommended retail price AUD$799 inc. GST to RRP AUD$1,629 inc. GST; and Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys, with a recommended retail price starting from AUD$14,000 inc. GST.

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SO! When can you get it? Well pre-orders start on April 10, which is when it will also be in store so you can go and have a little look. But the release date isn't until April 24. So far, Australian consumers are giving it the thumbs up.

A new national survey by Pureprofile revealed it will be a surprise hit on Aussie shores with nearly 800,000 (or 4.2%) Aussie adults intending to buy the watch upon its release later this year.

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