Posted: 5 March, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

Facebook Employees Can Access Your Account Without A Password

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Tech site The Verge is reporting that employees at Facebook are able to access any account on the social network without needing a password.

The news comes after a Facebook user visited the company's office in Los Angeles, and an engineer logged into his account without needing to verify his identity.

Of course people have taken to Twitter to slam the company, however Facebook has explained why this is the case.

Facebook employees can access any account to deal with account issues and also bugs that you may be experiencing.  But while they are in your account, they are monitored so that they can't go through your personal messages or pictures.

Any employee that is accessing accounts without support permission is fired without question.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse [of this system], and improper behaviour results in termination," Facebook told The Verge.

So there you have it.

Tags: Facebook, Password

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