Posted: 23 March, 2015 by Christian Hull

What is Meerkat? The New Fastest Growing Social App

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Realtime streaming that you can do easily through your twitter feed. Why is this the next big social platform?

We are curious by nature. So when the offer to view a celebrities unedited web stream, from where they are, anywhere in the world at anytime becomes available, you watch it.

Meerkat is the fastest growing new social platform. It has over 120K users and it’s only been live for the last 3 weeks. What's new and different about this app is that it offers users the ability to stream there life, live, to anyone who wants to watch.

The reason it works so well is its run through your twitter feed. A Meerkat user will begin a stream and the link will go out to all your twitter followers. The difference between say streaming on YouTube or FaceTime, is that you can easily set up a stream from Meerkat and it is available instantly to anyone who can access to twitter. Which also means users can share your Meerkat stream on their twitter feed.

The uses for this app are huge. Backstage at a concert, watching an important speech, anywhere where you can take an iPhone you can now stream to a mass audience. The ease of this app will have huge implications for any news service. As one tech reporter said "now anyone can be a CNN reporter."

What is also great about Meerkat is it will also allow you to save the video you capture. So if you do capture something amazing it isn’t lost, it is right there on your phone.

The Scoopla Show’s Jules Lund and Emma Freedman tested out Meerkat live on their show. Watch Jules accidently spit in Emma's face!


Twitter will be launching an app to take on Meerkat called Periscope. No word on when Periscope will officially launch but it looks like it will be just as good if not more user friendly than Meerkat.

Tags: Scoopla, Tech

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