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Why Your iPhone Can Only ‘Decline’ or ‘Accept’ Some Calls & Not Others

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For those of us who haven’t actually been bothered to Google this, here is one of the iPhone’s mini mysteries finally solved!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your iPhone receives calls with the option to ‘decline’ or ‘accept’ and other times you can only ‘slide to answer’?

You may think it has something to do with whether the call is from another iPhone or an Android… wrong!

Does it change depending on a contact being save for not? Nope!

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It’s driven us insane for so long and yet the answer is so simple…

It turns out, if your iPhone is locked when you get a call, you’ll get the slider.

But if your phone is unlocked, you’ll have the option to accept or decline the call.

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And another hot tip, you can decline a call by double-clicking the lock button.

So there you go... at least we can all sleep a little better tonight ;)

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