Posted: 26 June, 2015 by Carly Heading

Google Is About To Give You Something For Free

It’s the moment we've been waiting for!

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Google has a new plan and they want to bring free wifi to the whole world!

Yes, you read right.

It’s rumoured that project is going to start in New York and the first trial is set to be installed around September this year.

They will transform 10,000 of the old phone booths into 'ad-supported wifi pylons' and they have joined with a new company to help oversee the development called ‘Sidewalk Labs’

Not only will these be made into wireless hotspots but there will also be allocated spots to allow people to charge their phones, make free domestic phone calls and information hub for tourists to access for public transport and cool info on what to do while you’re in that city!

So once it’s up and running it will basically be like Christmas everyday!

Tags: Google, Tech, Wifi, Trending

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