Posted: 31 August, 2015 by @SohanJudge

5 Personal Details You Shouldn’t Give To Facebook

This could keep you safe!

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We all know some people on Facebook like to share too much information, whether it be about their BFF falling out or their marriage/baby woes. 

But it’s possible you are also guilty of a little TMI!

Some of the personal information you reveal on social media networks could actually make you more vulnerable to hackers… or worse.

Phone Number

If you add a home or mobile number to your Facebook profile makes it a minefield for prank callers, stalkers, scammers and identity thieves. Apparently there is a little trick that allows anybody to search your phone number and find you on Facebook.

A security researcher by the name of Reza Moaiandin tested this idea by writing a program that generated every possible phone number in the US, UK and Canada. He submitted these numbers to Facebook and immediately got back information from millions of profiles that didn’t have privacy settings turned on.


Home Address

Never share your home address! This isn’t limited to simply adding it to your profile – have you checked in at home before? Or posted an identifiable photo? Probably not a good idea…

Work-Related Info

This doesn’t just mean avoiding complaining about work because it could get you fired… if you reveal your workplace it could make a hacker’s job much easier. Apparently if they wanted to find out how to hack into workplace computers, social media is the first stop.


Relationship Status

As we know things get awkward when you detail the break-up of your boyfriend or girlfriend. But certain relationship statuses can be a draw for cyber stalkers and scam artists. If you’re single, don’t get conned by someone who just wants your money!

Payment Information

Sometimes Facebook asks for your payment details so you can send money to your friends or buy gift cards directly through the social network. But this might not be the best idea. It could be exploited by hackers. 

Sharing this info could be dangerous in extreme cases, and isn’t highly likely. But sometimes we like to be safe rather than sorry!

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Tags: Facebook, security, information, profile, hacker, social, media, stalker

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