Posted: 22 October, 2015 by Uce

The Feature In The iPhone’s iOS 9.1 That Will Make You Want To Update NOW!

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It's the moment we've all been waiting for... Apple's release of something extremely close to all of our hearts!

Apple has just released their latest update iOS 9.1, which includes numerous bug fixes and... NEW EMOJIS! 

In our opinion, the best new emojis include, taco, burrito, cheese, unicorn, lion and, of course, the long-awaited middle finger! But you can check most of them out below.

The update also includes bug fixes for Live Photos and compatibility updates for other Apple products like Apple TV and the iPad pro. 

But let's be real, we really only care about the emojis! 


Can't wait to get home and update so I can get all these new cuties on my phone! Prepare to be spammed, friends! 

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