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Ashton Kutcher Slams Charlie Sheen

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Is it 2012 again?  Seems a little bit like déjà vu.

While on Conan, Ashton Kutcher responded to claims that Charlie Sheen would be returning to the show.

"I’ve just kind of stopped listening to things Charlie Sheen says," he told Conan.

"Charlie Sheen has become a parent on Charlie Brown to me .  And I just keep saying ‘Thank you for the great job. I’ve got a great job, and it’s thanks to you not having it anymore.’ I’m just gonna keep going to work and collecting the check."

After Conan tried to ask the question again, Kutcher cut him off saying "I don’t even care. I think he’s a really. It’s not a thing for me."

We expect Sheen to make a stabbing comment back in the next day or so.

Can't hardly wait.

Ashton Kutcher Is So Over Charlie Sheen - CONAN on TBS

Tags: Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen

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