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Big Brother Cheater Lawson’s Tearful Apology To Girlfriend

“I’m Sorry For Ruining Her Life”

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Lawson and Cat shocked the Big Brother house (and the nation) when they declared their love for each other last night… and now Lawson has made a teary confession to his girlfriend back home. reports that in a transcript obtained by News Corp Australia, Lawson admits to being “selfish” and apologises to his girlfriend of five years.

“I never intended to hurt Candice,” he said in his tearful apology, which will air tonight.

“I can’t even imagine how she would feel; Embarrassed I would assume. She’s a really good person. I’m not. She definitely didn’t deserve this. I think I’m sorry for ruining her life.”

and Cat have been flirting for weeks and a source has told News Corp Australia that the pair have even been physically intimate inside the house.

Meanwhile, Lawson’s girlfriend Candice has asked for privacy via Twitter and has apparently stopped returning Channel Nine and Big Brother producers’ calls.

Today social media went into overdrive with rumours that Candice would be entering the Big Brother house but a rep for the show told Jules, Merrick and Sophie that this is false.

In his remorseful diary room apology, which will air tonight, Lawson fully admits to what he’s done and the effect it will have on his girlfriend and her family.

“I never intended or ever thought in my wildest dreams that I would have a feeling for somebody else,” he said. 

“I think a big word is disrespect ... even if we may not have been the strongest, she still deserves the respect of not going through what I’ve done to her.”

“She has a really lovely family as well that I’ve embarrassed. I’ve let her down and her family. Her family really looked after me when my mum died.”

“Her mum made me feel like I still had a mum. Now I don’t think I could look any of them in the eyes.”

And that’s not the only thing worth tuning in for tonight… in an Australian first, one housemate will be offered $20,000 to voluntarily evict themselves!

Big Brother airs on Channel Nine tonight at 7:30pm.

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