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Blake's New Bombshell

Confirms Relationship and Marriage Rumours

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The Bachelor Blake Garvey is set to confirm his relationship with third runner up, Louise Pillidge in Woman's Day and he's revealed a new bombshell about his ill-fated proposal to Sam.


Blake has admitted that he should never have got down on one knee to propose to Sam but said “it was such a surreal situation.”

The 31-year-old says he told Sam about his feelings for Louise shortly after he proposed and she refused to discuss it but Blake ultimately called off the engagement two weeks before the finale aired on TV.

“What ... didn’t end (after the taping) was the love I felt for Lou and as much as I tried to file it away, it kept growing,” said Blake.

“It wasn’t fair to carry on with everything. It wasn’t fair to Sam, and while she didn’t know it, it wasn’t fair to Lou, or myself.

“We had interviews booked, it was about to be announced on television that Sam and I were engaged and I just didn’t feel the romantic love I was supposed to.”

So why did he boot Louise from the show if he had such strong feelings for her?

“It sounds crazy but I was so unsure at that stage, and she was the one I wanted to hurt the least, so I thought it would be easier,” said Blake.


The couple have reportedly sold their story to the magazine and former flame and Bachelor winner Sam Frost isn't too happy "If they had a conversation with me, instead of sneaking around and selling their story ... I would have had a lot more respect for them".

Frost went on to say "he proposed to me, I thought he was serious about me... but unfortunately, he had other things on his mind like persuing Louise".

In the new edition of Woman's Day Blake reveals he wrote a letter to Louise admitting he made a mistake "I need to be true to myself and who I am as a person... what you and I shared was truly something special". 

The two spoke on the phone for two weeks and then travelled to Thailand together, "the moment she walked into my arms, I knew I was in love with her". 

The two plan to have a life together... get the full story from Woman's Day.

Tags: The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, Sam Frost, Louise Pillidge

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