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Did The Bachelor’s Sam Frost LIE All Along?

Video Footage Supports Blake’s Claim

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Last night Bachie Blake Garvey went on The Project revealed the new love he has for former contestant Louise “There is a beautiful love story here. I came into the whole experience looking for love. I have been so blessed to be able to find that. And I’d like to move forward with that now.”

He went on to say that Sam Frost KNEW he was seeing Louise “I’d been requested by Sam not to mention anything about Louise and being respectful to Sam’s wishes I was doing just that… She knew I had feelings for Louise absolutely and didn’t want that to be the focus. (She told me) not to mention it. And I was doing just that”.

When Sam spoke to Jules, Merrick and Sophie a couple of weeks ago Jules Lund asked Sam “if you could ask one question to Blake what would it be?”, Frost said “I would want to know 'Why you would break up with me?'”.

Watch the video below… Sam hints that Blake could have been with Louise, “with Lou for example - and I love Lou, I think she’s brilliant - they’re more of a better match”. Jules went on to say “that was the rumour, I had a mate who worked on The Bachelor, he said that’s what the crew was saying, that Louise was the one he was in love with”. 

So, was Sam lying the whole time? Was Bachie telling the truth in last night’s Project interview? 

Was it simply Blake was confused, honest the whole time and followed Sam's wishes?




Tags: Sam Frost, Blake Garvey, 2DayFM Breakfast, The Catch Up

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