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Family Feud Under Fire Over Sexist Branded Question

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Channel Ten's game show Family Feud is copping heat after a question that was asked to contestants on last nights show.

A social media storm branding the "survey question" sexist followed after being asked to "name something people think is a woman's job".


It didn't make things any better with the top response "cooking" being revealed on the board.

Is Australia really that backwards?

The top responses were cooking (28%), cleaning (17%), nursing (13%), hairdressing (7%), domestic duties (5%), dishes (4%), receptionist (4%) and washing clothes (3%).

100 people are surveyed and their answers to questions recorded.  Contestants then have to guess the top responses on the board.

The show also asked to "name a man's job" with the top responses being building (18%), mowing the lawn (17%), bins (10%), mechanic (8%), tradie (7%), fixing things (5%), carpentry (5%) and plumbing (4%).

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Tags: Family Feud

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