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Much-Loved Show ‘Offspring’ Has Officially Been Cancelled

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Channel Ten


Network Ten has shot down reports that Offspring will not be returning in 2015.

A spokeswoman for the network denied reports that the hit show would not be on air next year but did not confirm whether it would be coming back.

Earlier reports by Guardian Australia claimed co-creator John Edwards had confirmed the show had been axed but the spokeswoman says “the story is wrong.”

“He was asked if it was returning, and he said to the reporter “Never say never”,” she said.

“We want Offspring to return in 2015,” Ten’s Chief Programming Officer Beverley McGarvey said in a statement to

“We are in discussions with the producers and they are, in turn, in discussions with the key creatives and cast.”


It’s the news that we’ve all been dreading and now we have confirmation: Offspring is over!

Network Ten and production company Endemol have been dodging questions about the show’s fate since the August finale, leaving everyone wondering whether or not it would return.

But Endemol’s head of drama and co-creator of Offspring, John Edwards, has now confirmed to Guardian Australia the hit show will not return in 2015 for a sixth season. 

Edwards is currently busy promoting Party Tricks, Ten’s new political drama starring everyone’s Offspring favourite Asher Keddie, and it looks like the creatives are all focusing on other projects. 

“We’re very busy with Gallipoli and another secret project,” Edwards said. “We’re developing scripts for Party Tricks and we’re well under way with the second series.”

Of course if you watched the season five finale, you would have got the sense it was being wrapped up, with everyone’s story lines being neatly tied up.

Channel Ten

Sadly, one of the main reasons we won’t see loveable obstetrician Nina Proudman fumble her way through life anymore is money.

Once an Australian show reaches 65 episodes (usually five seasons), it no longer qualifies for Screen Australia’s rebate, making production costs 20% more expensive.

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Tags: Scoopla, TV, Offspring, Channel Ten, Channel 10, Asher Keddie, Cancelled

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